Based on a true story, the award-winning movie October Sky was adapted from Homer Hickam’s #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Rocket Boy

October Sky (1999) – Homer Hickam, a child living in a coal mining town, seems to have no future outside of work in the mines. His curiosity is inspired by the launch of Sputnik, and with the help of some misfit friends he begins to build his own rockets. Though at first the townspeople see his passion as a waste of time, eventually they get a spot in the National Science Awards competition with a chance of winning the prize: a college scholarship.

Why are we telling you this?

If you watch this film and it makes you feel energised and empowered Curiosity could be one of your core strengths. If you would like to find out what you core strengths are take the quiz

Curiosity [interest, novelty-seeking, openness to experience]:

Curiosity is taking an interest in all of ongoing experience. It involves actively recognizing and pursuing challenging opportunities and seeking out new knowledge. Curiosity can be broken down into three categories: interest, novelty seeking, and openness to new experience. It is this strength that drives individuals to make discoveries and to explore the boundaries of human knowledge.

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Wondrous Oblivion (2003; UK) – The movie tells a compelling story of David, who is obsessed with cricket but struggles to play it well. Upon knowing that a neighbor is installing a cricket pitch in his backyard, David strikes a cordial relationship to learn and know more about the game.

In America (2003) – This touching family movie depicts curiosity of an Irish immigrant family trying to settle in a chaotic New York apartment. Their curiosity is packed with challenges, dangers, weirdness, as well as hopes and charm of a place where anything could happen.

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