“When you are Curious you find lots of interesting things to do” Walt Disney

OK so the list below might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but give this a chance, it might just be the start of something… If you think Curiosity is one of your key Strengths but you aren’t using it enough try any of the below to start the rediscovering;

1. Look for jobs in which you are charged with acquiring new information daily, such as journalism, research, teaching, etc… Employment of this sort can help you feel refreshed and engaged over time.

2. Expand your knowledge in an area of interest through books, journals, magazines, TV, radio, or internet, for half an hour, three times a week. Speak to an expert in this area to get recommendations for good resources.

3. Attend a function/lecture/colloquium of a culture that differs from yours. Consider how similarities and differences between this culture and your own might arise, without being judgmental toward either culture.

4. Find a person who shares your area of your interest and learn how he/she increases his/her expertise in that area. Share your knowledge by setting up weekly or biweekly lunches to discuss this interest.

5. Eat food of a different culture that you have little or no exposure to. Explore the food’s cultural context and become aware of your thoughts on it. Share a meal with a friend and compare your impressions.

6. Connect with a person of a different culture and spend at least an hour, twice a month, learning about his/her culture. Be inquisitive, non-judgmental, and open about your own culture.

7. Make a list of unknowns about your favorite topic and then delve into research to answer them. Experts and friends who share your interest can be excellent resources.

8. Try things that challenge your existing knowledge and skills. Give a presentation or seminar on a topic that interests you, or simply explain it in detail to friends who are unfamiliar with it.

9. Visit at least one new town, state or country yearly. If possible, explore it on foot or by bicycle rather than by car. Try to speak to some of the local people to learn more about their community.

10. Identify factors which might haven diminished your curiosity in an area and search for three new ways to rejuvenate it. Consider attending a conference, show, or meeting on the topic.

11. Get engaged in more open-ended learning experiences (i.e., making ice cream to understand physics and chemistry or taking a yoga class to understand different muscle groups). Bring a friend and compare thoughts after the experience.

12. Explore processes of nature, for at least one hour weekly, by being in the woods, park, stream, yard, etc. Write, draw, or paint in order to record your impressions and feelings.

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