Think of these as a set of rules you can follow. Following these 7 habits can form the framework on how to live our lives.


We need to find something that connects with you, that will inspire you – and then we need to harness and sustain it (that’s the hard bit). These could be a stories, pictures, music, quotes – everyone is different…

Living beyond limits: Amy Purdy at TEDx OrangeCoast

By explaining the factual benefits will help you understand your feelings in a rational way and give you confidence to act on them;

“A decade of research proves happiness raises nearly every business outcome: sales 37%, productivity 31%, accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements.” Harvard Business Review

The happy secret to better work: Shawn Achor TED talk

We need to find ways to help you act on these habits regularly – whether tools, techniques, apps etc. Because everyone is different we have tried to offer these in a number of different ways;

Daily 30 second fix – a daily newsletter that will give you one of the 7 daily habits with a piece of Inspiration, Knowledge, Action

New feed – which gives you direct access to all the latest posts

Wondrlust TV – watch

Wondrlust Radio – listen

Wondrlust News – read

As well as products we love and must read (or listen!) audiobooks.

We too are trying to live and learn by these 7 Habits – so to see how we are getting on have a look at our daily blog

…and the beauty of this all is – it’s just about rediscovering some of the things you loved to do when you were a child