A simple digital tool we’ve recommended before … but worth mentioning again!

Product Overview

Product Name; Moodscope

Product Link;

Product type; Moodtracker

Review Date; 9 March 2015

Habits; ALL


Our Verdict

WL Star Rating; 4.5 / 5

It’s free, it’s simple to use, it’s scientifically proven to help. We use this everyday as our key measuring tool. If you are serious about a lifestyle change this is a really helpful performance indicator


  • Easy  to use
  • Free
  • Helpful tools (graph, diary, buddies)



  • It’s original target audience was for mental health which could put people off – but don’t let it!
  • You need to pay for the app and certain upgrades (but website works on iphone)


Build & Design

Its not beautiful, it’s a bit dated (no doubt due to lack of cash in making so much of it free) – but it is highly effective, simple to use and extremely useful


When you go to the site  you can see a simple to use video or how moodscope works 14 images. It is simple and clear. Our only comment is the video focuses on mental health / depression and this may put some people off, but don’t let it as the benefits so far at weigh it. You can sign up, use it for free and start immediately


You measure your mood everyday using an online card game that takes 30secs to do. It tracks your daily scores so you can see what is causing your ups and downs as you are able to write a 200 character diary (400 if you pay). You can buddy up and share your scores which is important in the overall process of maintaining a high mood. Measuring, Tracking and sharing is how weight-watchers works successfully. This is all based on research & data.


Features & Benefits

There are 6 key benefits – some you get for free some you need to pay extra through MoodscopePLUS;

  • Record your score
  • Capture how you’re feeling right now by taking the daily Moodscope test.
  • Check your graph
  • View your graph and keep track of your moods.
  • View your Affectogram
  • See how your twenty underlying Moodscope emotions contribute to your overall wellbeing.
  • View your Triggergram
  • What triggers your best and worst moods? The more you know, the better you can manage.
  • Add a Buddy
  • Share your scores with a trusted friend, colleague, professional or family member.
  • Get the Moodscope App
  • Take the test wherever you are, even if you’re not online. It will store your results until your device is connected once again and then plot your scores and comments on your graph automatically. Visit from your mobile device.