Wondrlust is an online magazine that shows how simple changes to your lifestyle will help you fulfill your true potential.

This so important because we now have more money, better health and living standards, but burn-out, stress & depression rates are skyrocketing with mental health costs hitting est. $2.5 trillion globally. Why?


Wondrlust is a curation of the most up to date expert advice, techniques and tools.

We will show how and why simple actions can have a dramatic effect on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Being daily and current we will save you time getting to the best bits



Although our genes influence about 50% of our personal happiness, our circumstances like income and environment affect only about 10%. As much as 40% is accounted for by our daily activities and the conscious choices we make. So the good news is that our actions really can make a difference…

It’s just about doing more of what makes you happy.


Seems like common sense right?

Well it’s not common practice… because it seems we all need a bit more help and direction to change our habits. Wondrlust creates a framework that enables you to do this.

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