Play To Your Strengths – Not Focus On Your Weaknesses

Most of us can name all the things we don’t like about ourselves …

The result?
We work on overcoming our weaknesses instead of playing to our strengths.

What would happen if we reversed that pattern and acknowledged our strengths by asking ourselves the following:

What are you a natural at?

What comes easily to you that others struggle with? Find and leverage that ability.

What does reflection tell you?

Spend time in reflection, then make a list of the five things you consistently get great feedback on.

What makes you feel good?

Unlike working on what we need to improve, which drains our energy, working from strength makes us happy. Think about the things you do that make you happy.

What should you focus on?

You can reach your highest potential by focusing on what you do best. Don’t spend all your time working on what you are not; build on what you already are.

Why play to your strengths?

Our strengths are gifts that were meant to be used—and when they are, you will find your greatest happiness. When you can play to your strength you can be more focused and more engaged. You’ll feel good because you’re growing and developing, and you’ll find higher levels of innovation and creativity.

So lets try instead of focusing too much on our weakness, instead lets learn to maximize our strength and forge forward with great confidence.

Great leaders know they can accomplish more by concentrating on their strengths—rather than always correcting their weakness.

Lead From Within: If you want to improve your life, if you want to improve your leadership, you must learn what your strengths are and align yourself with them. When we play to our best self, the result is a positive and productive leadership.