Purpose, Values, Behaviours, Actions….etc etc

Do you sometimes feel that the Values of a business – the words on a wall – can seem rather disconnected from the reality of working ‘in’ the business, and how the business acts for the people it serves.

Current research indicates that you are most likely to value a job, relationship, hobby or institution that aligns with your core signature strengths and allows you to regularly utilise them. In fact, research indicates that one of the best ways to boost your long-term happiness is to use your strengths in new ways and situations, rather than focusing on your weaknesses.

So if business can build its values, behaviours and actions around the Strengths and Virtues as defined by VIA (as designed by Seligman and Peterson), then it should better connect with the business Purpose, its Employees, Customers and all Stakeholder groups.

What we do at iMedia

We try a number of ways to introduce a more ‘real’ set of Values for our business as well as connect the business to our individual Strengths, for example;

-We have re-looked at our business values and tried to make them more human!

-We have spent a lot of time connecting the Values, Behaviours and Actions of all employees – making them very literal

-Each month we have Peer to Peer marking of how the team are performing against these Values, Behaviours & Actions

-Every day each member of the team highlights how they have used one of their Strengths – so it keeps it front of mind

-We take the VIA Strengths Test every 6 months, to note any changes

-2 of our individual top Strengths we aren’t using within business we focus on using in our day to day…

-..and once a month the business pays for employees to go to an event / experience that allows them to use their Strengths

Watch the video

If you can spare 8mins this VIA Video  is brilliant at explaining this area of Positive Psychology, how it works, and why it matters. Its really worth a watch.

Take the Test

Register and complete the free character assessment to know your 24 character strengths. And when you’re done, you will have the opportunity to learn even more about your character and personality strengths with in-depth VIA Character Reports.

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