Strength and Resilience

Showing Strength and Resilience

Adversity can present itself to us in several ways. We can find it in work, in relationships, and in moments of failure adversity may never seem more overwhelming. When we think about what makes us feel down, we must also look at what helps keep us going. When I think about my own life, examples of people who are resilient help inspire me when I am feeling adversity. Resilience can present itself in people you admire for their careers, it can be present in yourself and it can be seen in people around you.

While everyone will face tribulations if we view these negative aspects as still being in our control, it can be monumental in overall positivity and our outlook towards life. Our journey is far from being over, and with every setback it may just be a diversion that leads us on the path that we need to be on.

Psychologists are starting to identify key characteristics that are found in people that display resilience. The most important characteristic is how people choose to view failure. Everyone falls but we are only human, and can get up again.  The key to becoming resilient is found in how you choose to view your failings. While we all have moments of strength, it is how we react to adversity that can define us.  It is being able to look at your challenges as opportunities to become stronger and more complete.

Resilience is a skill that can be learned throughout your lifetime and it is hardened by life experiences. These experiences can help keep you grounded and keep you pushing know it will all be okay. There may have been moments where you did not get the job you wanted or did not think you would get through a course and yet you did.

There is no situation that is 100% good or 100% bad. Every experience has the ability to be spun, to be learned from. As we fall, we learn and we become stronger, we become more resilient and we get stronger for our next challenge.

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