Self-Regulation As A Top Strength:

If Self-Regulation is your top strength, you self-consciously regulate what you feel and what you do.

You are a disciplined person. You are in control of your appetites and your emotions, not vice versa.

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Virtue Category:

Self-Regulation falls under the virtue category of Temperance. Temperance deals with strengths that protect us from excess. It is the practiced ability to monitor and manage one’s emotions, motivation and behavior in the absence of outside help.

Key Concepts:

Self-regulation can be viewed as a resource that can be depleted and fatigued. A useful metaphor can be that self-regulation acts like a muscle, which can be exhausted through over-exertion or strengthened through regular practice.

Exercises For Boosting Self-Regulation:

Next time you get upset, make a conscious effort to control your emotions and focus on positive attributes.

Set goals to improve your everyday living (e.g., room cleaning, laundry, doing dishes, cleaning your desk) and make sure you complete the tasks.

Pay close attentions to your biological clock. Do your most important tasks when you are most alert.