Perseverance As A Top Strength:

If Perseverance is your top strength, you work hard to finish what you start.

No matter the project, you “get it out the door” in timely fashion. You do not get distracted when you work, and you take satisfaction in completing tasks.

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Virtue Category:

Perseverance falls under the virtue category of Courage. Courage describes strengths that deal with overcoming fear. These strengths can manifest themselves inwardly or outwardly as they are composed of cognitions, emotions, motivations and decisions.

Key Concepts:

Perseverance involves the voluntary continuation of a goal-directed action despite the presence of challenges, difficulties, and discouragement. There are two vectors of perseverance. It requires both effort for a task and duration to keep the task up.

Exercises For Boosting Perseverance:

Set five small goals weekly. Break them into practical steps, accomplish them on time, and monitor your progress from week to week.

Keep a checklist of things to do and regularly update it.

Select a role-model who exemplifies perseverance and determine how you can follow her/his footsteps.