Honesty Is The First Chapter In The Book Of Wisdom

A person who speaks from principle rather than to circumstance.

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  • Someone who is inner directed, who follows their conscience rather than pandering to society, people, ‘short term benefits’.
  • An individual who values self respect, dignity and character over ego, material wins or applause.
  • One who knows that other people are changeable, and chooses to be guided by truth, compassion and courage.
  • An honest person is looking for truth; reads, learns and observes, rather than trying to impose their own preconceptions on events.
  • Thus honest people are humble: they focus on learning and growing rather than posturing and grasping. They don’t understand those shallow idiotic things.
  • You’ll see then that such people are probably aware that they are here to serve, and this gives them satisfaction.
  • Truth leads to seeking achievement rather than accolades; growth rather than fame. Wisdom rather than greed.
  • Which is not to say that wealth, fame, applause are bad. Rather that the honest person is grounded in deeper things, and not dependent on the shallow, ephemeral, ever shifting conditions of life.