10 Regrets That Spontaneous People Will Never Have

Spontaneity is an acquired taste. Don’t get me wrong, some people are definitely born with it, while others develop an affinity for it later in life. Whether you were born with it or came into it, it’s a restlessness that inhabits soul and lusts for new opportunities and constant adventure.

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What spontaneous people would tell you is that life is short and moments are fleeting. Today, you’re 20 and tomorrow, you will be 21. Life moves fast and becoming comfortable saying “no” to opportunities will only lead to a life full of regrets. You don’t have to crave the center of attention or an adrenaline rush to be spontaneous. You just need to take chances, to remember that life isn’t about plans and expectations; it’s about fleeting moments and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Never Seen A Sunrise

Never Gone Somewhere Without A Map

Never Befriended A Stranger

Never Fell In Love With Someone Completely Wrong

Never Broke Curfew For An Amazing Party

Never Took Off Without A Plan

Never Been Somewhere You Shouldn’t

Never Moved To A New City

Never Had A Romance In A Foreign Country

Never Made Plans In A Bar