Perspectives – A Simple Exercise (Try It)

I did a simple exercise with 20 people recently and was fascinated by the answers. I asked “When you look at the following graphs, what do you see?”

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Here are some of the responses I got:

  • A father of a 6 yr old – “Energy of adults versus energy of kids”
  • A businessman- “Seasoned corporate houses versus start-ups”
  • A teenager- “Long term relationship versus short term flings”
  • A talented early jobber- “Career – stable days versus highs and lows”
  • A seven year old- “A snake and a caterpillar”
  • A patient- “Good health versus bad health”
  • A yoga guru- “Still mind versus a restless one”
  • A finance expert- “Fixed deposit versus Bitcoin”
  • A CEO- “Comfort zone versus disruption”
  • A pilot- “A smooth flight versus a turbulent one”

What an array of perspectives! It was just fascinating. Everyday we are bombarded with information in a similar manner and we all decipher our own conclusions. Be it the news, brand communications, family gossip.


When I drew the above graph , I did it to represent my take on work-life balance. If we work without breaks, eventually we “plateau”. And before we know it, life is over. But when we take breaks and work, when there is balance, we can reach for the “mountains”. And the larger picture looks much more exciting and full of stories to tell!

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