New Skills To Learn During Lockdown, From Cooking to Dancing

If you’ve binged on all your favourite TV shows, made it to the bottom of your reading list or are feeling fidgety on your weekends, then here are a few tips on new things you could try.

Weekdays without a commute (for some) and weekends with little place to go can leave you feeling restless, but you can dedicate some of that extra time on your hands to learn a new language, improve your culinary skills, start painting or even take part in dance classes.

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There’s a huge volume of free tutorials, apps and resources to take advantage of too, so mastering the art of coding, photography, baking, make-up and more needn’t become an expensive pastime

Learn a language
An obvious one but what better way to start thinking about all the holidays you’ll be able to take once this is over than by learning the language of the countries you visit.

Plus, it’s always useful to have on your CV and if working abroad has been on your mind, then get a head start by picking up the local lingo.

Learn to cook
A skill that will need very little investment, improving your culinary prowess or starting from scratch with cooking is simple. There’s plenty of cookbooks to suit every palette, budget and diet.

Learn to dance
Up your dance game with at-home classes, you can follow along with online, going at your own pace and being right next to a shower when you’ve worked up a sweat.

Learn to paint or draw
Continuing with a creative outlet, art classes and online tutorials are in abundance, but can also be done off the cuff as long as you have a canvas and colours to work with.

Watercolour sets, oil-paints and chalks can all be found for little expense online, and are also a useful lesson to incorporate into home-schooling and keep kids of all ages occupied. If all else fails, grab a colouring book.