Improve Your Perspective to Become More Effective

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where [today's] thoughts take you.”

- James Allen, 1864-1912, inspirational English author and philosopher

“What do you actually know?” is the age-old question of philosophers and statesmen. A good answer, but not the only answer, is that you know what you have learned and experienced in the past.

How can you know if you haven’t learnt it, or remembered that experience? Which implies your mind only knows your previous events. Your regular, random, unrequested thoughts and emotions are based on the past. They’re memories.

Even when you think about the future, those thoughts project some variation of the past. They anticipate what might happen, yet are not real in any sense of the word. They’re speculations.

Which suggests the mind’s thinking about the future is just some processed extrapolation of the past.

How to change the future

If you want to change your life, for your future to be different, then learn to think thoughts that support you, positive ones.

Start changing your thoughts right now, NOT tomorrow. Why? Because, in a very real sense, tomorrow never comes, it’s always now. Now is the only moment there ever is. Anything else is just a memory or a speculation about a different time, but you are still thinking that now!

One measure of success is how you feel inside. But what determines how good you feel? You feel better when you decide your path. So learn how to improve your thoughts in real life.