If ‘Judgement’ is a top Strength try these

Below are some suggested actions if Judgement is a top Character Strength. But if you dont know your Strengths why not take the VIA Strength Test – click here

Identify the last three actions that you weren’t happy with (such as not following through with a goal) and brainstorm better alternative ideas for the future. Consider both actions and omissions.

Ask a trusted and wise friend to critically appraise your judgment on your last three significant actions. Promise them that you will listen to their appraisal without getting angry or defensive.

Play devil’s advocate on an issue that you have strong opinions about. Thinking through an argument for the other side may open your mind to a new perspective, or it may make your original arguments seem more valid.

At least once a week, consider the common themes that exist across races and religions on an important issue. Also consider reasons why certain religions develop different views of issues.

Identify the last three events during which you did not think through your actions. Develop a method, such as counting to ten, to give yourself time to think before you act next time.

Start an activity and ask yourself — Why? When? And how? Apply this Socratic approach to life to everyday situations and routines in order to make them seem fresh and new.

Attend a multi-cultural event and critically evaluate your views during and afterwards. Discuss your impressions with a person from a culture that was represented at the event.

Identify possible causes of past failures or disappointments. Are there any patterns? Take some time to think deeply about how can you improve.
When deciding about an important issue, write pros and cons and repeat them while taking breaks in between. During these breaks, think carefully about the previous point rather than thinking ahead to the next.

Mentor someone of a different ethnic or religious background. Remember that the mentor can learn as much from the student as the student can from the mentor.

Monitor whether you often find information to confirm your opinions or seek new information to expand your view. Doing this can help you keep your opinions up-to-date and well informed.

When you face the next challenge, first imagine the best and worst scenarios and then decide the most realistic course of action. Taking the time to do this basic planning will ultimately save you time, since you will begin acting with a goal and a method of reaching it in mind