If Humility is a Top Strength Try These

Below are some suggested actions if Humility is a top Character Strength

Humility [modesty]: Humility and modesty involve letting one’s strengths and accomplishments speak for themselves. Individuals with this strength do not need to have low self-esteem, but merely avoid seeking the spotlight and regarding themselves as better than others. Humble people are honest with themselves about their own limitations and the fallibility of their own opinions, and are open to advice and assistance from others.

Too much: self-deprecation
Too little: footless self-esteem

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Movies you might like to try

Peaceful Warriors (2006) – Dan Millman is a university student as well as a gymnast, aspiring to win the National Championship meets “Socrates” who runs a gas station. Socrates offers Dan perspective of reflecting on his life choices and that “knowledge is doing” not just knowing.

Little Buddha (1994) – Lama Norbu believes that he has located his teacher reincarnated as a boy in Seattle. The pair travel to Bhutan and the boy learns about the teachings of Buddhism, which emphasizes the value of humility in everyday life. This film explores the impact that modest spirituality can have on the lives of those who embrace it.

Suggested Actions to try

  • Resist showing off accomplishments for a week and notice the changes in your interpersonal relationships. Do people act surprised that you waited to reveal your news?
  • At the end of each day, identify something you did to impress people or put on a show. Resolve not to do it again.
  • Resist showing off if you notice that you are better than someone at some task. Allow others to notice your skills on their own.
  • Resist showing off when others shows off. Observe the reactions that show-offs get from observers.
  • Notice if you speak more than others in a group situation. Concentrate on listening to the words of others rather than simply waiting for your turn to speak.
  • Dress and speak modestly. Note how it makes you feel.
  • Compliment sincerely if you find someone is authentic and better than you in some ways. Accept compliments from others humbly.
  • Use environmental resources modestly. Some ways to do this include using more recycled products, limiting your use of products that harm the environment, and buying only items that you really need.
  • Admit your mistakes and apologize even to those who are younger than you. Be aware of your place as a role model to the next generation.
  • Utilize your sexual energies modestly, such as by having one committed sexual partner. Concentrate your energy on the intimacy of the situation and the pleasure of your partner.
  • Ask a trusted friend for honest feedback about your weaknesses. Think about their words at length before replying.