If Hope is a Top Strength Try These

Below are some suggested actions if Hope is a top Character Strength

Hope [optimism, future-mindedness, future orientation]: Hope is the expectation that good things will happen in the future. Hopeful individuals are confident that their efforts toward future goals will lead to their fruition. This strength leads people to expect the best from themselves and others.

Too much: panglossian
Too little: present orientation

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Suggested Actions

Recall a situation when you or someone close to you overcame a difficult obstacle and succeeded. Remember this precedent when you are faced with a similar situation

List all the bad things that happened to you in the previous day. Then find at least two positive aspects for each.

Visualize where and what you want to be after one, five and ten years. Sketch a pathway that you can follow to get there. Include manageable steps and ways to chart your progress.

Record your negative and positive thought patterns and notice how they affect your future performance. Experiment with making your thoughts more positive and see if your performance improves.

Read about someone who succeeded despite difficulties and setbacks. Look for similar obstacles that both of you faced.

Recall bad decisions you made, forgive yourself, and see how you can make better decisions in the future. Learn from your mistakes rather than being haunted by them.

When facing adversity, focus on how you overcame a similar adversity in the past. Let your successes set the precedent for your future endeavors.

Mentally rehearse your next anticipated challenge. Build perspective by managing obstacles rather than trying to eliminate all of them.

For the next three challenging tasks, identify what would work best for you: thinking your way into right action or acting your way into right thinking. Influence your future in a way that plays to your strengths.

Document three of your past accomplishments in detail and let them inspire your future. Keep your descriptions in a place where you typically deal with adversity, such as in desk drawer.

Surround yourself with optimistic and future-minded friends, particularly when you face a setback. Accept their encouragement and help, and let them know that you will do the same for them when they face obstacles.

Schedule at least fifteen minutes twice a week to spend generating optimistic ideas. Write them down and list actions you can take to realize your ideas. Discuss your ideas with your friends and make them partners in your endeavors.