If ‘Honesty’ is a Top Strength Try These

Below are some suggested actions if Honesty is a top Character Strength

Honesty [authenticity, integrity]: The strength of integrity is manifested by speaking the truth and presenting oneself in a genuine way. A person of integrity is open and honest about his or her own thoughts, feelings, and responsibilities, being careful not to mislead through either action or omission. This strength allows one to feel a sense of ownership over one’s own internal states, regardless of whether those states are popular or socially comfortable, and to experience a sense of authentic wholeness.

Too much: righteousness
Too little: shallowness, phoniness

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Suggested Actions

Refrain from telling small, white lies to friends and family (including insincere compliments). If you do tell one, admit it and apologize right away.
Think of creative yet honest ways of relating to others. Present yourself in a manner that makes you feel authentic.
Monitor every time you tell a lie, even if it is a small one. Try to make your list shorter every day.
Monitor to catch lies of omission (such as not volunteering important information when selling a used item) and think how you would feel if someone did the same to you. Try to be forthcoming in your dealings with others.
Rate your satisfaction with authentic, honest, and genuine deeds vs. inauthentic and less than honest actions. Use your moment-to-moment level of satisfaction to gauge your integrity.
Monitor whether your next five significant actions match your words and vice-versa. Try to act in a manner that is consistent with what you say.
Write on issues about which you feel moral obligation. It helps to crystallize and integrate thinking.
Think and act fairly when you face your next challenge, regardless of its impact on your position or popularity. Put aside your perceptions of peer pressure when making your decision.
Identify your area of strongest moral convictions. Set your long-term priorities according to these convictions.
Seek roles with clear structure that allow you to be authentic and honest. Pursue positions in organizations that foster honest, forthright communication.
Learn and practice the ethical standards of your profession. Make these standards known to co-workers who do not follow them faithfully.