How To Boost Your Creativity

As with any of the personal strengths, you can boot creativity simply by paying more attention to it and intending to incorporate more of it into your life.

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Start by simply asking yourself “How can I do this differently?” or “How could I do this better?”

Tap into your child-self and look for ways to be more playful, to make your tasks more fun.

Try changing a habitual pattern.  Take a different route to work, for example, and notice what you see.

Renew an old hobby.  Dig out your old guitar or your scrap booking supplies.

Start a new hobby.  Begin keeping a journal.  Record your dreams.  Try your hand at writing stories or haiku.  Buy some art supplies and play.

Expose yourself to more arts.  Visit galleries and museums, go to concerts, the theatre and ballet—even if its only at your local high school.

Read biographies of great scientists, business leaders, musicians, dancers, artists.

However you choose to nurture it, decide to reap some of the positive benefits of creativity beginning today.  You’ll be healthier, happier and enriched.