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Doesn’t really work talking seriously about Humour, but for the purposes of finding your key Strengths please roll with it

Humour [playfulness]:

Humour involves an enjoyment of laughing, friendly teasing, and bringing happiness to others. Individuals with this strength see the light side of life in many situations, finding things to be cheerful about rather than letting adversity get them down. Humour does not necessarily refer just to telling jokes, but rather to a playful and imaginative approach to life.

Too much: buffoonery
Too little: humourlessness, too serious

Suggested Actions

  • Bring a smile to someone’s face every day through jokes, gestures, and playful activities. Be observant of the moods of others and respond to them.
  • Learn a new joke three times a week and tell them to friends. Note how laughing together improves the mood of the group.
  • Watch a sitcom, funny show/movie, or read a comic daily. Clip comics and recommend shows for friends.
  • Cheer up a gloomy friend. Be an example of how to approach life with a good-natured attitude.
  • Find the fun and lighter side in most situations. Strike a balance between taking things seriously enough and not taking them too seriously.
  • Be friends with someone who has a great sense of humor. Watch how they use this strength to deal with difficult situations and bad news.
  • Kind / witty Impersonations of / with someone close to you.Go out with your friends at least once a month –  note how the group dynamic improves when you laugh together.
  • Let your “inner child” enjoy the things that you enjoyed during childhood.
  • Send funny emails to your friends. Rather than simply forwarding chain letters, share humor from your own life.
  • Play with your pet daily. Observe the animal’s attitude toward play and novelty.
  • Go do something fun with your friends & loved ones. Enjoy the pleasure of being outside and having fun with people you care about.
  • Go to a sports game and really get into it.
  • Go on holiday and have fun!

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