Why You Should Take a Walk Outside During the Workday

Studies show that you perform better and feel more focused after spending a few minutes walking outdoors.

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It’s a fact. One way for you to chill in your workspace is to enjoy the natural outdoors as much as you can. If you’re a workaholic, you’re notorious for spending inordinate amounts of time working indoors. Scientists say outdoor time is the ticket to revitalising your health. Just twenty minutes a day in a park or natural setting raises and sustains your energy level and recalibrates a fatigued brain. If that’s not possible, a view of Mother Nature from a window — scenes of wooded areas, water, sunsets, wildlife, or parks— can lower your heart rate and respiration and relax your muscles.

Consider taking five-minute strolls outside during the workday or up and down a flight of stairs in bad weather. Studies show that you perform better at work after a walk in the woods rather than along a busy street.

So find a park or have lunch in a natural setting. Sit by a fountain or go to a zoo when you have a break. Feel the breeze on your face, notice the colours and smells of leaves and flowers, pay attention to chirping crickets, warbling birds, or rushing water.