5 Top Facts about Table Tennis!

Table Tennis is a sport that can be played by everyone…

Whether you’re 18 months old…

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or 100 years of age…


So let’s take a look at the 7 Most Fascinating Facts about this great sport…

1. Table Tennis was invented in the last 1880′s in England

Game makers were trying to come up with an indoor version of Lawn Tennis which is how Table Tennis came about.

2. Ping Pong Diplomacy took place in 1971

China stunned the world when they invited England, the USA, Canada and Colombia to play a series of friendly matches in China.

This was the first contact China had made with the rest of the world for 6 years!

3. Table tennis is the most popular indoor sport in the world

4. Table tennis was banned in the Soviet Union from ca 1930 to 1950.

The sport was believed to be harmful to the eyes.

5. Table tennis is the world’s most popular racket sport

 To see the health benefits of table tennis (eg improving hand-eye co-ordination, burning calaroies, improving reflexes etc) click here