When We Own Our Breath, Nothing Can Steal Our Peace.

I think connecting with the breath is probably the biggest thing for me. Connecting with my breath at the deepest level, like right down into the hip, into the hips and push my breath. Being aware of my breath and doing a number of breaths very, very consciously brings me further into my body, and that where I need to be. Quite often my scattered and very short attention span takes me out of my body, so coming back into my body. Tom Carroll (World Champion Surfer)

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 By bringing our breath into our conscious awareness we create a powerful bridge between our conscious and subconscious, and the connection between our mind and body – giving us the opportunity to find flow.

Whether we want to decrease anxiety, manage our energy output or heal our body, we can exploit the breath on both a physical and mental level to make the necessary changes. For example, if we are about to perform in front of a crowd, and our anxiety suddenly spikes, and our mind becomes full of negative thoughts, we can quickly focus on breathing-in positivity and breathing-out negativity. If we sustain this exercise for long enough, we will find that we are left with only positive thoughts and feelings helping us to perform, as we want. With practice we can dramatically reduce the time required to achieve the same results, making it an ideal performance cue. We can use this process to breathe-out doubt, a recent mistake, or some frustration we are holding on to. We can even practise breathing-in flow. If we taught younger generations how to breathe during their performances, exams and learning, imagine the leap forward each generation would take from this one simple lesson.