Whats happening onsite

Our main account directors for Mercedes-Benz & NTT DATA went on site to The Old Course Monday/Tuesday this week. Its now all about the build.

If you are not used to it, the build can appear a bit daunting. We are less than a week before The Open goes live to the public (Sunday) and it looks like a bomb site.

The reality is its all in the planning. If you are well organised, have good attention to detail, experienced suppliers, and always have contingency – it should run well.

It helps a lot to have experience during the build process –   so you have know all the possible problems, so you know how to find solutions. The more the better really. We have been doing this for c.20yrs and have working with The Open since 2001 in different capacities. Understanding The Open, the environment and its nuances is very helpful

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1 of the multiple transporters arriving at The Open. all liveried.