Interested in behind the Scenes at The Open?

If you have been following us for the last week you will have seen the build in progress on and off site.

Over the next few days you will see it in action. It looks beautiful. You can forget you are in the middle of a golf course in Scotland the quality is so high



But what the public don’t see is a huge infrastructure that supports the operation of the public spaces – its is like a separate event operating within the main event
Below is the back access into the Patrons Pavilion and the flowers ready to go into the individual Units x 7


The other side of this picture of the Patrons Pavilion is the 16th Fairway of The Old Course – however this picture is where we work from


Power generators & our office (portacabin)


The back of the Patrons Kitchen and some of the chefs out for a well earned break. They are prepping for 7 different clients, 100 per day each = 700 covers a day at 5 star standard – that is breakfast, a 3 course a la carte menu and afternoon tea. Its very impressive


Prepping the flower displays for all the Pavilions – thats a lot of flower displays!!


…and if you look over to the other side you can see the back of the Mastercard Display in the Tented Village and Course


 Which looks like this


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