…and the Teams Mood is…

…pretty good under the circumstances!

OK yes we are on average 9% down across the board, but we are still as a team at 63%. We are coming through the eye of the storm (1st storm) and have come out in one piece.

A few curve balls yesterday, which if you had taken our moods then and there the percentages admittedly might have shown a rather different story! But it wasn’t so it didn’t! The Guest Hotel came together very nicely and Welcome Dinner was prepped ahead of schedule (and so too many other elements)



Today’s Moodscores

Lowest today – the boss worrying about the team (now that’s caring!)

High – 66% (9% down)

Low – 53% (9% down)

Team Average – 63% (down 5% from yesterday and 2.1% below our yr. av. 65.1%)

Habit #4

Positivity; Sounds pretty obvious, but sometimes harder in practice, but it is important to keep positive. Yesterday was a great case in point – we are working long days, spinning plates, few tough spots we were not expecting. You need to roll with the punches. In our day to day we learn to do this through the 3-1 ratio / gratitude journal. Now we are onsite the practice has helped. Being in the service industry where we are dealing with lots of people each day – whether clients, customers or suppliers – being optimistic & being grateful is super helpful :).

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