The London Marathon In Numbers

- 386,050 people applied to run the race this year
- 54,685 of those got places (although only 40,000 expected to race)
- 26.2 miles of the race
- 1,263 portable loos
- 116,000 metres of barrier tape
- 45 ambulances
- 671 drinks station tables
- 650,000 recyclable water bottles

Marathon records

Over the years, some people have set some pretty staggering London Marathon records.

Most money raised: The record for most money raised for charity at the London Marathon – in the world, in fact! – is held by Reverend Steve Chalke. He raised an unbelievable £2,330,159.38 when he completed the race in 2011.

Fastest runner: The world record for the fastest London Marathon is held by a man from Kenya called Eliud Kipchoge who ran the race in a staggering 2 hrs 03 mins 05 secs in 2016.

Oldest runner: A man called Fauja Singh the oldest person to ever have finished the London Marathon. He was 93 years old when he did the race in 2004.

First marathon in bionic suit: Claire Lomas made history when she became the first person to complete the London Marathon in a bionic suit. Claire was paralysed after a horse riding accident in 2007, but in 2012, she got around the London Marathon in 16 days.

Most volunteering: A 71-year-old man called Roy Webber has volunteered at every single London Marathon since the event began in 1981. Good work, Roy!

1,000,000th finisher: A 39-year-old woman called Shannon Foudy from London, who was running the Marathon for the very first time, was the lucky person to become the London Marathon’s one millionth finisher in 2016. Since the race began in 1981, 1,042,960 people have finished.

Quickest celebrity: World champion cyclist Chris Newton became the quickest celebrity ever to finish the race in 2014, crossing the finish line after an impressive 2 hrs 45 mins 10 secs. He then smashed his own record the following year to get home in 2 hrs 39 mins 27 secs.