Mindfulness And Coronavirus

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise across the globe, stress and anxiety around the virus have risen right alongside them.

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Companies around the world are now implementing precautionary and emergency measures to help “flatten the curve,” meaning slow the rate by which this illness spreads, reduce incidence of cases in their populations, and support efforts to protect public health. Because most working professionals spend a third of their time at work, employers are uniquely suited to support their team’s mental well-being during this uncertain time.

This thing is a virus. Why focus on the mind?

Concern about the virus and its risks is becoming palpable in many workplaces. Between event cancellations, travel restrictions, supply chain complications, personal concern about contagion, and more, nearly every business will feel the effects of this public health crisis in some way. The financial impact is also tangible via people’s 401(k), retirement accounts, gig economy workers/freelance job loss, and in many other ways — it trickles down through all levels of an organisation, putting outsized pressure on populations already experiencing uncertainty over their health and that of their loved ones. Anxiety and worry about health is exacerbated by economic concerns related to financial stability and employment status.

This increase in employee stress and anxiety also has a hefty cost on organisations from absenteeism, lost productivity, and increased healthcare spend. Employers cannot ignore the impact that these environmental stressors will have on their people — and their business. Fortunately, many organsations have options for mitigating these effects and helping their employees stay healthy and safe.