Mayfair Dash & The Wondr Academy

What is the Wondr Academy and how was the Mayfair Dash born….

The Wondr Academy grew out of The Wondrlust Project and is the name we give to the range of research, development and testing work that we do

The Wondr Academy is a place where people come to learn and share ideas and experiment, because, like them, we believe that collaboration is at the heart of all great work. Like them we want to inspire fresh, creative excellence and share knowledge.

The Academy is a place where we test and try new ideas in a safe environment and we want people to be part of this process. This is a creative incubator. A place where we can understand better what connects people emotionally.

The Mayfair Dash is part of our Academy work. This project is to highlight the importance of mental health in the work place – and share some simple steps to improve well-being