Keeping Your Workout Routine Under Quarantine

Workout Routine is Key

Sticking to a workout routine is a vital part of staying shape – and staying sane – during quarantine. It’ll help you retain some sense of normality, as well as helping you look after your physical and mental health.

Make a Plan – and Stick to it:

As you would in a normal week, plan out your week of activity for the kids, exercise sessions, meals and shopping trips (for essentials).

Set an Alarm:

Getting up at a regular time each day will help with consistency of routine and mental focus.

Plan Meal Times:

Planning your meal times – and sticking to them will help you avoid excessive snacking and give your day more of a structure.

Try Online Video Classes:

Okay, so you can’t get to the gym, but there are loads of alternatives. Everyone Active has a huge library of online classes and training plans for you to try. Meanwhile, depending on your membership type, you can even access the likes of Les Mills on

If you are using live social media channels or video calling services, you can do the workouts with your friends. This allows you to share and chat about your experiences.

The Kids are Always in the way!:

Inspire your kids and lead by example you might be surprised when they start joining in! (or taking the mick out of you). Either way, if it gets them moving more it’s a bonus!

Try Something new:

Now is the perfect opportunity to try something new. What have you got to lose? There’s such a variety of different workouts and video classes out there, it’s important you sample some new ones. You won’t offend your instructor by changing classes, nor will your classmates know you’re experimenting. You could still arrange to try out the new classes with friends, however. The main thing is to try new things – you never know, the class that really works for you might be out there waiting to be discovered!

Dress for the Occasion:

By changing into your workout wear, you’re preparing yourself mentally for exercising. It’ll help you get in the right frame of mind to really attack your home workout with enthusiasm. It will also make you more likely to actually do the workout in the first place!

Wear Something Different:

Now is your chance to wear that crazy fitness outfit you never dare wear in the gym. Crazy short shorts, crop tops and bring back the leg warms. Anything goes in your own house!

Something is Better Than Nothing:

If you’re not feeling like working out today, just try getting started – do a 10 minute workout, or just one quick challenge. If that’s enough, then fine. If, suddenly, you feel like you’ve still got some left in the tank, then keep going!

There you have it, nine ways to help keep your home workout routine going throughout the quarantine.