Flying High

Uninspiring gym routines are a thing of the past thanks to a new workout developed by the showmen at Cirque du Soleil and sports brand Reebok.

Jukari Fit to Fly centres around the FlySet – a specially designed piece of equipment that hangs from the ceiling and swivels 360 degrees. A series of moves and postures are carried out on the acrobat-inspired hanging bar, which strengthens the body through cardio, balance and core training while giving the sensation of flying. Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli helped launched the new fitness regime – which will is in twelve major cities, including London and Los Angeles.

The Fun Factor:

Remember how fun and free it feels to swing in the air? This workout banks off of that element. “The sensation and the natural high you get from spinning, soaring and jumping in the air is like none other. This program brings you back to the days as a young child, playing in the park and burning calories without even knowing it. The class allows you to have an efficient workout that’s playful and sensorial,” says Marsland.

The physical benefits:

You can expect to burn 400 to 550 calories in a one-hour Jukari Fit to Fly class and you’ll develop core strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, balance and range of motion. In particular, “The arms and back muscles are very much solicited — women are typically stronger through their legs, so Jukari will help them strengthen their upper body,” says Julie Marsland, a Reebok EasyTone ambassador and a certified personal trainer. And if you’re still not sold on the idea, you may be interested to know Marsland, who’s a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, says she’s never had such great core strength than she has since starting Jukari. “Since I began teaching Jukari Fit to Fly two years ago, I’ve reduced my workouts in the weight room, yet I’m still as strong, if not stronger!”