Earthing is Nature’s New Generation Sport

Earthing is a new and amazingly fun sport. It is not just swimming. It is something completely different. Earthing is really exciting. I can easily
imagine the sport being practiced at the Olympic Games.”
Daniel Skaaning, Professional Swimmer, 2012 Olympic Swimmer

Earthing is the first sport dedicated to support the environment and wildlife. It gives people a unique possibility to experience, understand and appreciate nature in a new and energizing form. From a sport perspective, Earthing amalgamates two of the most spectated Olympic sports, running and swimming, into one powerful race.

Earthletes compete to be the fastest human on Earth. Long course, they run a 60-meter sprint on land, dive through air and swim 50 meters through water. Short course, they run 30 meters, dive through air and swim 25 meters through water. From an environmental perspective, Earthing is the catalyst in bringing about environmental understanding and appreciation as an integrated part of being an Earthlete.

Everybody will enjoy doing a sport where everyone wins

It is envisioned to hold Earthing competitions at least once a month. Beyond bringing Earthletes and their families and friends together, the competitions are designed to activate the environmental appreciation and knowledge which Earthletes have acquired in the training sessions. One particular way of doing so is having competing Earthletes choose what cause they want to “Earth” for, for example environmental causes such
as oceans, rainforests, wildlife or climate change. Based on ticket sales and sponsorships, each Earthlete receives an equal share of the profits generated at a competition.

Upon completing the competition, each Earthlete’s share of the profits is given to his/her chosen cause or foundation. In that way, all competing
Earthletes win by getting a chance to feel a sense of giving back to the Earth by doing the sport. Another aspect of Earthings inclusiveness is the fact that every Earthlete can move at her/his own pace and still win. Along those lines, Earthing also appeals to children, who are usually not very comfortable with doing sports, for instance because they are afraid of always losing and/or because their weight prevents
them from moving fast.