Caring Is A Strength

In today’s society, it often seems as though being cold towards others is seen as being “strong,” and showing feelings and emotions is equivalent to being “weak,” especially for men.

People say if you don’t care then you’ll never get hurt, and if you hold no expectations for people, you’ll never be disappointed. While, in theory, these statements are true – they don’t take into account one very important piece of the puzzle:

We are all human, and we all have wants, needs, and emotions. Ignoring our very most inner core is, I would argue: A weakness.

Here are three reasons why caring is actually a strength.


You can build a support system.

It has almost become a badge of honor to say you don’t “need” someone. Of course it’s true that nobody needs someone. Nobody needs to have a friend or a significant other – but it does improve life in multiple ways.

We all find ourselves going through a tough time every now and then. Maybe you’ve lost a job or ended a relationship. Maybe you’ve gotten sick, or maybe you’ve even lost someone you care about. Regardless of how big or small your challenge is, it’s hugely helpful to have people you’re close to in your corner.

This will allow you to borrow strength from them during hard times and more easily find your way back to happiness.


It gives you the ability to help others.

If someone walks around with the presupposition in their head that people are naturally “bad” or “evil” or untrustworthy, how do you think they will approach those they don’t know? There will be an automatic aversion away from kindness, because that person doesn’t deserve it anyway, right?

How can we function and progress as a species if this is how we see each other? I believe each person is inherently good. The goodness is buried deeper inside of some than others, but overall – we just want to be loved, cared for, and respected.

Whether it is giving a dollar to a homeless person or starting a fundraiser for a cause you’re passionate about, without choosing to care for others, your ability to make a difference gets taken away.


You can learn and grow from relationships.

Relationships are a lot like playing the lottery. You might have to lose repeatedly, but if you never play, you’ll never win. Each person we encounter and build something with, no matter how long or short, provides us with an opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

If we refuse to enter into any intimate situation because we think we might get hurt, we never have the opportunity to have these experiences.

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