It’s Cool To Be Kind: 83% Of Brits Performed Act Of Kindness Last Year

‘The power of kindness should not be underestimated.’

A growing movement of good deeds is sweeping the nation, as the majority (83%) of Brits have performed an act of kindness in the past year.

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A survey commissioned by the British Red Cross revealed the positive effects kindness can have on the public: 94% of people agree that being kind encourages others to pay it forward, and half say when someone is kind to them it makes them feel like they’re cared about.

Of the 2,000 UK adults polled, 41% said they would be willing to give up their time to visit a lonely neighbour in the coming year, while 25% have helped someone who has tripped or fallen in the last year. One in five people have given money or food and drink to someone sleeping rough.

The charity’s research also showed that almost all (97%) of those polled agree that their communities are stronger when people are kind to one another and that lots of small acts of kindness can have a big impact in an emergency.

Nine in 10 (92%) say they appreciate kindness from neighbours and nearly three quarters (74%) think people in their own communities are kind.

Dr Tom Farsides, kindness expert and Lecturer in Social Psychology at the University of Sussex, said: “The power of kindness should not be underestimated. Research shows that people like being kind and often relish opportunities to help others. People also like seeing others being kind and often feel inspired when they see wonderful things done.”