Matthew Johnstone is an Author, Illustrator, and Public Speaker.

A couple of years ago he did an exercise where he had to narrow down where his passion lies.

It started with 50 words that summed up who he was, what he did and where he wanted to go. Those 50 words became 10, 10 became 5 and finally he ended up with one word. This word captures everything he aspires to be, to do and to live by. That word is ‘flow’.

Flow to me is like riding a bicycle with the wind behind your back. ‘When you do work that you love’, wrote Mark Twain, ‘your vocation becomes a vacation.’ This website is a reflection of ‘flow’ – what you see here is what I love to do.

When I speak to a board room, a shed full of farmers or a hall filled with teenagers and all I can hear and see is silence and heads nodding – I know I am in flow. When I draw, where time stands still, where the ideas bubble up effortlessly and the drawings seem to draw themselves – I know I am in flow.

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