Hobbyhorse Sport Takes Off In Scandinavia

Hobby-horsing is the bizarre new trend sweeping Scandinavia in which teenage girls ride toy horses in national show jumping competitions.

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Hobbyhorse enthusiasts straddle a stuffed horse head on a wooden stick and parade around an arena, hoping to impress judges with their fancy footwork, jumping skills and posture.

Over 10,000 participants in Finland alone compete against each other in dressage, show jumping and other traditional equestrian events.

A documentary titled Hobbyhorse Revolution, by Oscar nominated director Selma Vilhunen, showcases the journey of young girls who bond over a mutual love of their sport and the sense of belonging they gain from their new community.

“Life has its ups and downs,” says 14-year-old Mariam Njie. “This is not the easiest time in my life. But I gotta just jump over it.”

The country’s best riders are set to compete for the national title at the annual Hobbyhorse Championships in Helsinki on April 23.