Where Can I Learn How to Taiko

kaDON is an online channel producing hinstructional videos for taiko and fue. Simply put, it is a great starting point if you are interested in learning more about what is involved.

Go to: http://kadon.com

kaDON instructors Kenny Endo, Shoji Kameda, and Kaoru Watanabe are three of the taiko world’s most respected artists. Kenny Endo has over 35 years of experience as one of the pioneers of the art form and was the first non-Japanese national to receive a natori (professional stage name) in hogaku hayashi. Shoji Kameda is a Grammy nominated musician and one of the taiko world’s most performed composers. Kaoru Watanabe is a former artistic director of KODO and North America’s leading practitioner of the shinobue.

kaDON features instructional and repertoire video courses. Instructional courses will be focused on basic technique and exercises in a variety of playing styles. Repertoire courses will feature a piece that you can learn and perform! Both kinds of courses will include downloadable play along tracks, exercises and scores to make learning as fun and as easy as possible. We’ll be adding new lessons and content regularly!

kaDON is for anyone who is interested in improving their taiko and fue skills!