Try out some Random Acts of Kindness

There are loads of things you can do for someone as a Random Act of Kindness – here is a list of 5 ideas that you can try to improve someone’s day!

1. Smile at five strangers - A sincere smile can really make a positive difference in someone’s day. Without saying a word you are letting that person know that you see them and they matter. People appreciate being noticed and acknowledged!

Benefit – A smile is a really kind and easy way to make others feel good about themselves. It can be done quickly and without any preparation or effort, but leaves a lasting impression. Plus, it will make you feel happier too!

2. Help a Co-worker – if you know that one of your co-workers has a huge work load of a project to finish, offer a help! Be a team player!

Benefit – When you offer to help a co-worker you are not only helping that person, but also the company as a whole. The better quality of the work your company produces, the more honourable and respected your company will be.

3. Make an effort to be a genuine person. When you say you will do something, do it. When you ask someone how they are doing, wait for them to answer and really listen to them.

Benefit – Being a genuine person will make your relationships stronger which will greatly enrich your life. As a genuine person your actions will inspire and encourage other people around you. You will be a role-model.

4. Holding the door open for someone is something they just do in old movies, right? Guess again. Holding the door open is a polite and thoughtful act you can easily do for your family, friends and even strangers, every day. Whether you’re at school, the grocery story, at work, or at home, those around you will certainly appreciate your good manners.

Benefit – How you treat others can also say a lot about you as a person. If actions really do speak louder than words, what are you telling others about yourself? Besides, everyone appreciates a polite act, like having a door held open for them. Hold a door open for someone and give them a smile. A small gesture on your part, like holding the door open for someone, will certainly brighten their day and may even turn around a bad mood.

5. Call a grandparent – Our grandparents are an important part of our culture and our history. Spending time with a grandparent is a great way to learn about your heritage, your family history and even about yourself. You don’t have to live nearby to have a strong relationship with grandparents either. A simple phone call or a letter every now and then can be a way to stay in touch, even if you live far away from them.

Benefit – Spending time with your grandparents can actually help strengthen your family and your family’s values. It can also improve your social skills.

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