Tricks To Help You Get More Active

How much time a day do you spend being sedentary? From sitting on the bus, to sitting down at work, to sitting on the couch at night, we spend an awful lot of time just sitting.

Which isn’t good news for us considering that more and more research shows that our risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity increases from being inactive. So, how are we supposed to get moving in a world that wants us to sit down? Fight it! Get moving with the help of the following tricks.

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Work out first thing in the morning

If you train first thing in the morning, you’re a) less likely to come up with excuses why you can’t exercise and b) your workout time has less chance of being impacted by things like having to stay back at work or feeling particularly exhausted after a long day.

Go on a technology fast

While we love the convenience of having pretty much everything at our fingertips, it can also make it very easy not to get up out of our chairs and get moving. Reverse it by making an effort to physically do something that you could otherwise do on the computer or your phone. If you need to deposit money into an account skip online banking and go for a walk to the local branch instead.

Active socialising

Skip the café catch-ups and try to get active while you socialise instead. If you’re catching up with friends or family try going for a hike, walking to the nearest park, or mixing things up a bit by road testing a fitness class or joining a running group.

Exercise during your commute

Where you can, add an element of exercise to your commute to work. This can be as simple as getting off the train or bus a few stops earlier to walk the rest of the way. Also instead of sitting the whole way, try standing up for a few stops. If you have to drive to work, try parking a few blocks away to fit in a brisk walk to and from work. Or better yet, swap the car for a bike instead!