Tips for finding more ‘flow’ in your life

If it was easy we would all be in a constant state of ‘flow’, but here are a few simple tips that might help …


1. Control your attention.

- minimise distractions and focus on your task, whatever it might be. If your mind wanders, bring it back to the task.

2. Manage the balance between skill and challenge.

- If the task is too easy, find ways to make it more challenging, for example by doing it more quickly (or more slowly) than normal.

- to transform otherwise dull low skill/low challenge activities like sitting in a waiting room, create ‘micro-flow’ experiences with specific rules and goals. Examples include solving puzzles in your head or composing haiku.

- if the task is too challenging, find ways to up your skill level. You could look for additional training, coaching or mentoring. Or you could break the task down into smaller steps which are more achievable. Or find ways to apply your top strengths to help you achieve it.

3. To achieve flow in conversation

- focus intently on the other person and actively listen to what they are saying. Ask questions and allow plenty of time.

4. Talk to other people about how they find flow.

5. Finally, seek feedback on your performance on the task and act on it.