This Easter Long Weekend Workout Will Help Burn Off All That Chocolate

Over the Easter long weekend there’s a good chance you’ll be either stuffing your face with chocolate or taking a few days off from working out while your gym is closed or you’re travelling away from home.

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There’s no harm in doing any of those things — but if you keep up your exercise while you enjoy your chocolates you’ll get the “best of both worlds”, says Sydney personal trainer Robbie Hardy.

“It’s all about balance. Indulging in the foods you love is an important part of a happy life, and so is having a strong, mobile body,” says Hardy, the man behind Emperor Fitness and an ambassador for the fitness tracker TomTom Touch.

Hardy has crafted this long weekend workout that’s designed to engage as many muscle groups as possible while getting your heart rate up

“By adding in the short bursts of intensity through the resistance exercises your body will work harder to keep up,” he says. “Your heart rate will go higher, you’ll recruit far more muscle fibres and you’ll get stronger.”

Enjoy your workout… and your chocolates.