The Best Way To Start Climbing

Rock Climbing Is Suitable for everyone; Overcome a fear of heights or challenge yourself mentally and physically.

Gain the skills you need to climb safely and effectively.

There are multiple places worldwide where you can learn to climb Рwhether inside the gym or outside- however we particularly liked the beautiful landscape and hands-on tuition in the Peak District In the UK. Go to Pure Outdoor for more info

Beginner Outdoor Rock Climbing Course is the perfect way to experience climbing on real rock for those with little or no prior experience.

Based in the Peak District we have easy access to some of the best rock climbing in the UK which means our experienced instructors can always find the right location and level of challenge for you. This course is therefore just as suitable for complete beginners who have never climbed before as it is for those who have previously climbed indoors and are looking to refresh their skills or get a taste of climbing on real rock.

The first day follows the same format as our popular Outdoor Rock Climbing Taster Day. Initially you will learn everything you need to climb safely with the focus quickly moving onto increasing confidence and improving your climbing technique. Adding a second day gives even more opportunity for hands on experience of climbing and allows our instructors to introduce you to a greater range of climbing techniques, many of which are difficult or impossible to learn while climbing indoors. You will also have the opportunity to look at associated skills, you could for example try abseiling or begin to look at the wide range of equipment that is available to climbers.