Stay In Shape While Maintaining Some Semblance Of Personal Space

The advent of the new year has once again brought us to the single grimmest stretch of the year for fitness enthusiasts everywhere: the Takeover of the New Year’s resolution crowd.

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While the good folks at GQ do not adhere to the school of thought that casts smug aspersions on people who have made the commitment to exercise more regularly, it becomes a numbers game at some point. The rapid influx of bodies into a confined space transforms an otherwise-pleasant weight room into a Black Friday-esque free-for-all, and suddenly, the period you spend waiting for a treadmill—silently seething at the fortunate souls who arrived only moments before you did—ends up lasting longer than whatever precious sliver of time you’re allotted to actually run on it.

Never fear, though. GQ have partnered with Ridge Davis, a personal trainer at West Hollywood’s Ridgid Fitness and an instructor at THE WALL Fitness, to create a week’s worth of workouts which will allow you to steer clear of of a temporarily overcrowded gym. Feel free to run it back as many times as you need this winter until things—God willing—finally return to normal.

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