So how’s the team doing…?

With half the team now onsite and half still at HQ getting ready to go onsite, this can be a pretty fraught time – but actually we are doing pretty good.

We use a Mood-tracker everyday and our company average across the year has been 65.5% – with a range from 67.5% – 62.1%. 

Well today our average was 66.2% – with a high 72% / low 60% – this is higher than our average, which is great news.

It could be pretty amusing watching come Tue-Thu next week so watch this space :)

Moodscope (our mood-tracker)

As a company our aim is to get everyone functioning at c.75% on a regular basis – see the world through 3/4 glass full. Science shows the huge benefits operating in this way – physical & mental wellbeing – as well as being more motivated, engaged, creative, energetic, resilient, and productive.

So we track our moods everyday and is a our key performance indicator within iMedia

When you go to the site Moodscope you can see a simple to use video on how moodscope works. It is simple and clear. Our only comment is the video focuses on mental health / depression and this may put some people off, but don’t let it as the benefits far at weigh the initial impulse ‘this isnt for me’. You can sign up, use it for free and start immediately


You measure your mood everyday using an online card game that takes 30secs to do. It tracks your daily scores so you can see what is causing your ups and downs as you are able to write a 200 character diary (400 if you pay). You can buddy up and share your scores which is important in the overall process of maintaining a high mood. Measuring, Tracking and sharing is how weight-watchers works successfully. This is all based on research & data.

If you would like to find out more about Moodscope click here

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