So, How Do We Create A Flow State?

First up, you can’t get distracted. To experience flow, you need to steer yourself away from the things that steal your attention. Not easy when most of us are glued to our phones, thinking about what to have for dinner, and the rest of it. Well let’s see…

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Here are 7 conditions key to getting into a flow state and you can use these as a checklist:

1. Knowing what to do
Have you done this before and know how to go about cracking the task at hand? This is about your related experience.

2. Knowing how to do it
Again, thinking of your experience here, have you practised or used before the skills you’ll need to crack this?

3. Knowing how well you are doing
Keep checking in with how you’re doing, what’s working and what isn’t. Create your own feedback loop so you can improve along the way.

4. Knowing where to go
Go back to the road map and your past experience. You can ask your team/co-workers for direction in advance if you’re not sure.

5. Perceiving significant challenges
Check that there are new things here to tackle that you might not have done before, but feel within your reach. This is about making sure that you’ll be stretched.

6. Perceiving significant skills
Are there additional things you need to learn and practise before you take on this creative task?

7. Being free from distractions
Close your social apps, hide your phone in a drawer and make sure you’re working where you won’t be distracted.