Rugby World Cup, Rugby Strength Conditioning App & Mini Rugby

There are so many positive factors to being involved in Rugby; putting aside the incredible fitness levels it provides – Rugby is a Team Sport and creates a unified spirit at work and at play! Here at Wondrlust we go out together for team drinks whilst supporting England in their quest for the World Cup – its team bonding and a great time!

Or if you’re already involved in the game itself – perhaps your aim is to become stronger, faster, bigger and more explosive! This app by fitivity  was designed to help you have the speed, strength and power to dominate the sport of rugby. Designed by professional strength and conditioning coaches, this program suites any rugby position. Whether you are a winger, hooker, or a fly half, this app will get you to performing at a high level.

Finally if youd like to get your child involved – why not try “Mini Rugby” for a taster check out the latest Mini Rugby How to’s at The Rugby World Website – where you can watch all the step by step videos.