Play Your Part … And Still Be Cool – Formula E Hits the Strip

To aid zero emissions – why not look at options for electric cars? Shown in the video above – Electric Cars can still be Cool – as the  all-electric Formula E Championship convoyed with the Qualcomm Safety Car – the BMW i8 – and the new Jaguar I-PACE Concept on its first public demonstration, in the hands of Sam Bird (DS Virgin Racing), Antonio Felix da Costa (Andretti Formula E) and Mitch Evans (Panasonic Jaguar Racing).

Despite the fact that it’s only in the last few years that electric cars have been taken seriously by the motoring public, they have, in fact, been around for just as long – if not longer – than those powered by petrol and diesel.

Electric cars are getting better and better very quickly. Here are our favourite 10 models right now.

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Renault ZOE hatchback

£18,495 – £25,945

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

£28,995 – £30,795

Tesla Model S hatchback
£60,035 – £103,135

Tesla Model X SUV
£73,135 – £108,335

BMW i3 hatchback

£32,330 – £35,480

Nissan Leaf hatchback

£26,180 – £31,880

Kia Soul hatchback

£12,805 – £29,995

Volkswagen e-Golf hatchback


Ford Focus Electric hatchback


Volkswagen e-up! hatchback