Men Need to Man Up to Ballet and Embrace This Very Masculine Art Form


Claude Van Damme: “If you can survive a ballet workout, you can survive any other sport workout”

Finding a class

So you’ve decided to try a ballet class? First off, that’s awesome! Seriously. Even if you try and class and find ballet is not for you, it’s awesome that you want to give it a shot. Now you just need to find a class,… To find a ballet class, Google (or your favourite search engine) is your friend. Just do a quick search for “Adult Ballet classes in your town/city” and see what crops up. You should hopefully find a few different options crop up. If not try just searching for “ballet classes” or “ballet schools”.

Men only classes  - to try out your taster session go to Barreworks men-only classes,

Karis Scarlette is founder of En Avant Ballet, which offers classical ballet classes, private tuition and ballet retreats for men and women of all ages and abilities