Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Seven steps to improve your sleeping habits

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1. Establish a regular sleep-wake cycle – try to sleep and wake at regular times consistently.
2. Try to ensure that you have a comfortable bed and bedroom – noise, light and temperature should be tailored to your preferences if possible.
3. Limit the use of stimulants – such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol near bed time.
4. Avoid drinking excessive liquids – especially in the evening to minimise chances of waking to empty your bladder.
5. Avoid going to bed until you are drowsy and actually ready to sleep – Most people who suffer from insomnia spend more time in bed lying awake rather than actually asleep.
6. Regular daily exercise – but not too late in the evening as this could be stimulating.
7. Avoid electronic devices late at night – such as computers, mobiles, tablets and so on; the bright light can be overly stimulating and keep you awake.